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Unique device for the neck for use in the car and during a trip.Special design for the proper support of the head during driving. It is mounted to the seat of the vehicle with a rubber strap. Made of 100% molded "Memory Foam".Indications:It reduces the pain caused by the "Craniocervical Syndrome".&n..
The FULL ROLL CUSHION pillow is made of high density "PU Foam". It is placed in points of choice in the seat, thanks to its elastic strap. It is lightweight and easy to apply, as well as supports the waist in the correct position and aligns the vertebral column.  Indications:It can be used..
Multipurpose reusable device. Made of Foam" material with hypo-allergenic "veloute" lining with a zip fastener. The interior has a built-in sheet metal which makes the pillow multipurpose depending on the use. Indications:Suitable for neck, knees, hip and for babies. Size:Dimensions: ..
The pillow is of circular design and helps to maintain the correct position of the neck. It absorbs vibrations during the trip. Made of 100% molded "Memory Foam" with "veloute" lining.  Indications:It reduces the pain caused by the "Craniocervical Syndrome". An excellent device f..
Μαξιλάρι αυχένα ViscoΚατασκευασμένο από visco-elastic με πλενόμενο κάλυμμα.Ιδανική λύση για το αυχενικό σύνδρομο.Επενδυμένο με βελούδινο κάλυμμα φιλικό προς το χρήστη.Βοηθά στη διατήρηση της σωστής θέσης του αυχένα.Εύκολο στη μεταφορά και χρήση του στα ταξίδια.Χρησιμοποιείται κατά την ανάπαυση σε κα..
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