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Made of "Μοlded" “PU foam" material and 100% molded "Memory Foam". It shares evenly the body weight and reduces the load applied to the spine. Special design in the area of the coccyx. Color: Blue. Dimensions: 41 (M) x 37 (W) x 5cm - 7 cm (Y)..
The pillow consists of two layers of "foam" which enclose a "gel" sheet. The "foam" parts offer stability and comfort, while the "gel" part achieves defuse of the body weight and stable temperature. The cover is made of "PU" material,  waterproof and ventilated, with zip closure. It feature..
Heel cushions for the prevention of pressure skin ulcer. They reduce the pressure applied to the heels. They feature a self-adhesive fastener for easy and stable fitting to the heel. Hypo-allergenic lining. The same product is used as an elbow protection device. Color blue...
Ergonomically designed cushion for proper sharing of the body weight. The base is made of molded "PU foam” material, with ventilated mesh lining. The upper part of the lining bears "Velcro" for mounting two anatomical cushions, which are adjusted in selected positions. They are made of  "Vi..
The "Visco Elastic" seat cushion reduces the pressure applied to the hip and coccyx area, and the irritation due to hemorrhoids. It improves the position of the vertebral column. It helps to cure skin ulcers. The ergonomic design and the central hole on the cushion offer comfortable stay on the ..
Excellent device for wheelchair and seat. It consists of two parts. At the top surface there is a Gel part which minimizes the pressure applied to the area of the coccyx and the hips. It reduces the surface temperature by 1.5 C0 degree, while maintaining it cool. The bottom surface is made of "Me..
The seat cushion with an anatomic "U" design prevents sweating in the buttock area. It relieves the coccyx from pressure applied due to the remaining of the body in a sitting position for a long time.  Suitable for hemorrhoids, coccyx cyst, post-operative rehabilitation and improvement of th..
Αποτελείται από δύο ανεξάρτητα τµήµατα αεροθαλάµων, επιτυγχάνοντας µεγάλη σταθερότητα και σωστό επιµερισµό της πίεσης που ασκείται στην περιοχή των γλουτών και του κόκκυγα. Οι 48 αεροκυψέλες επιτρέπουν την κυκλοφορία του αέρα σε όλη την επιφάνεια του µαξιλαριού. Η κάθε αεροκυψέλη επικαλύπτε..
 Eνα εξαιρετικά ελαφρύ µαξιλάρι αποτελούµενο από τρία στρώµατα υλικών. Η βάση είναι από υλικό foam υψηλής πυκνότητας, ενδιάµεσα υλικό «FloGel» τεσσάρων τµηµάτων και ανατοµικά διαµορφώσιµο «viscoelastic» υλικό στο άνω τµήµα.Ειδικός σχεδιασµός ώστε να εναρµο..
Device made of "Memory Foam” with "Veloute" lining.  Durable and anti-slip base made of plastic material, so that it remains fixed on the seat. The possibility of rotation 3600 in both directions, specially facilitates people with reduced mobility. Easy transport and storage. The cover is re..
The PU Coil is used to prevent and protect against spasms as well as to relieve pain in the coccyx area by discharging the pressure points. Dimensions: 42x6.5cm..
The Memory Foam Coil is used to prevent and protect against spasms as well as to relieve pain in the coccyx area by discharging the pressure points. Dimensions: 42 x 6.5cm..
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