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Cutting edge construction from non-elastic 3D material. Features an internal silicone pad for offloading and gradual therapeutic compression of inflamed tendons and tissues. Thanks to the silicone, frequent micromassage increases blood flow and relieves pain. The self-grip ergonomic tie strap mak..
Made out of "ActivDistance II" soft foam material. Internal lining of antibacterial and anti-sweat cotton material. The outer self-grip surface offers a wide range of methods in which to apply the brace. Consists of two sections (arm and forearm), with adjustable Velcro straps. Features soft pad..
Brand: anatomic help
Bandage made of neoprene. The interior cotton coating and pillow made of foamy material ensures compression of the area of the elbow knuckles. That way the area is supported. The bandage can be used for edemas, inflammations, injuries of the tendons and muscles and epicondylitis. It c..
Handy, made out of lined seamless double-weave fabric Anti-sweat Relieves pain due to inflammation and swelling.Provides muscular stability. Ideal for daily activities.Ambidextrous. Size small medium large x-large xx-large ..
Elbow brace from strong elastic material. The material can put a lot of pressure on the elbow and is breathable resulting in a pleasant feeling which limits pain and the amount of swelling. The product does not have any seams meaning that it can be applied with ease.The prod..
Brand: anatomic help
Elbow brace with interior and additional silicon coatings providing additional pressure on muscles and hamstrings. The silicon coatings surround the  knuckles, radius and forearm muscles and accelerate the absorption of hepatomas, deems and inflammations through increasing blood ..
Elbow sleeve made out of a durable elastic material, with a silicone pad for pain relief Self-grip strap in the condyle area. Provides uniform compression of soft tissues. Ambidextrous. Size small medium large x-large Elbow cir..
The hand support is made of high-quality durable elastic materials which support the hand and produce pressure so that it minimizes pain and lessens the swelling.  Indications:Sideways or non-pathological epicondylitis Joint dislocationsArthritisFor support during excersise ..
Brand: anatomic help
The elbow cap is knitted from an elastic material. This provides light elbow support. It can be used for assistance during exercise and work; and also for simple elbow injuries, tendonitis, and arthritis. Size:SMLXLXXLΠερίμετρος αγκώνα (cm)22-2525-2828-3131-3434-37..
Brand: anatomic help
Narthex for epicondylitis that closes with velcro hook and loop. The special gel pad supports and compresses the area of the elbow knuckles. The product can be used for Cryotherapy and Thermotherapy.The narthex can be used for edemas, inflammations, Epicondylitis, Muscle and tendon in..
3mm Neoprene aid, excellent quality and durability. Internal isothermal and anti-sweat lining. Self-grip compression strap in the condyle area  Ambidextrous. Size small medium large x-large xx-large Elbow circumf..
Made out of 3 mm lined Neoprene Adjustable self-grip strap with compression pad for soft tissues and joints Ambidextrous. Size small medium large x-large Forearm circumference (cm) 21-24 24-27 27..
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