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Made out of "ActivDistance II" soft foam material. Interior lining of antibacterial and anti-sweat, breathable cotton material. The external self-adhesive surface offers a wide range of choices for application of the brace. Includes a mouldable aluminium strut for immobilization of the interpha..
Dynamic wrist brace made out of high-quality durable and breathable materials with external leather lining. Features a mouldable leather lined aluminium palm strut. There is an additional orthopaedic gusset on the dorsal surface of the brace for proper immobilization of the joint. The..
Made out of high-quality "Unipren," a hypoallergenic and waterproof material.  Features an anatomically moulded aluminum palm strut. Provides the option of full immobilization of the thumb through the use of a special removable metal strut.  Features an internal fixation strap at..
Flexible double-elastic thumb splint. The detachable flexible 11cm spiral stay restricts movement of the first CMC and MCP joints.Available on right and left. Indications:Conservative rehabilitation of dislocated thumbThumb ligament injuries"De Quervain" SyndromeRheumatoid arthritis of the..
Brace made out of plastic material, with ventilation holes. Self-grip and adjustable fixation strap for proper fit. Internally, the brace features a fabric glove for skin protection. Available in both left and right. Indications:Conservative rehabilitation of thumb tendon-ligament inj..
Helps support the MCP joints and limits ulnar deviation, while allowing the fingers to function.Made out of Neoprene for optimum support and maintaining a constant temperature. Available in both left-sided and right-sided. Indications:Deforming arthritis of the handFor postoperative useSiz..
The brace is indicated for fractures of the 4th/5th metacarpal. This is an innovative product that can be used following surgery or rehabilitation. Made out of "ActivePren" material which is known for its suppleness and elasticity. Guarantees excellent fit and proper compression of the wri..
Anatomically molded metal brace for the thumb and carpal-metacarpal (CMC) joint, lined with "Thermoactive AirSanmed" material which lets the skin to breathe. Restricts range of motion of the thumb and stabilizes it in abduction, thus achieving progressive therapy. Features two fixation straps a..
Made out of highly compressive elastic material. Removable 15 cm moldable aluminum strut which stabilizes the wrist, thus restricting flexion.Leather lining at the palm.Closure with four adhesive Velcro straps. Washable. Available in left and right. Indications:Postoperative and ..
Elastic brace with flexible spiral thumb splint. Self-grip Velcro application straps. Limits mobility of the thumb. Washable. Ambidextrous.  Indications:Conservative rehabilitation of thumb tendon-ligament injuriesThumb joint arthritisDislocation and ligament injuries of the thum..
Made out of elastic double-wound fabric, anti-sweat and hypoallergenic, for comfortable wear and uniform compression.  Features an interior contoured silicone dorsal pad. Stabilizes the wrist and leaves the thumb free. Ambidextrous. Indications:Mild injuries, wrist sprains&n..
Strong elastic brace with 23 cm mouldable aluminum strut. Open at the thumb. Closure with six self-grip Velcro straps. Sling length 26cm. Ambidextrous. Indications:Postoperative and conservative rehabilitation of wrist tendonitisRheumatoid arthritisOsteoarthritis of the wris..
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