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Cervical collar made out of 12mm breathable material (plastazote). Consists of two ergonomic and self-grip valves for immobilization of the mandible and occipital bone. Can be worn in the supine or upright position. Ensures stable support and proper fit. Port for fitting of the "Stabilizer" spin..
Made out of breathable, hypoallergenic material  (plastazote). Consists of two ergonomic valves for immobilization of the mandible and occipital bone. Can be worn in the supine or upright position. Features a tracheotomy aperture. Closure with self-adhesive Velcro straps. Port for fitting of..
Made out of high-quality "Unipren," a hypoallergenic and waterproof material.  Features an anatomically moulded aluminum palm strut. Provides the option of full immobilization of the thumb through the use of a special removable metal strut.  Features an internal fixation strap at the w..
Lightweight, molded brace made out of three layers of semi-flexible foam. External fabric lining. Internal "Coolmax" antimicrobial and anti-sweat lining. The brace’s three compression straps, self-grip and adjustable in a choice of positions, permit movement of the elbow joint. Self-grip extensi..
Made out of polypropylene, with internal hypoallergenic closed-cell foam lining (plastozate). Immobilization of the shoulder is regulated through an adjustable support strap, worn diagonally across the chest, without limiting muscle mobility. Circumferential compression of the humerus is achieved..
Made out of "Codura", an innovative, lightweight material which is stable and waterproof.  The splint is applied with laces on the front section. Internal tongue made out of a soft material. Flexible side gussets around the ankle, for improved stabilization. Open at the toes and heel. Ideal..
Made out of breathable, anti-sweat "Activ Space" material. Flexible side gussets at the malleoli for restriction of lateral movement. Two figure-8 straps and a strap at the upper section of the brace for improved immobilization. Lace in the front section for proper application. Immobilizes the a..
Dynamic splint for the PIP and DIP joints, with spiral design at the interphalangeal joint. Provides assisted extension to the PIP and DIP joints, while at the same time permitting flexion of the PIP joint. Size small medium ..
Spinal figure 8 support with adjustable straps and Velcro closure for easy application. Made out of cotton fabric with internal foam lining for maximum comfort. Features a spinal plastic triangle at the level of the shoulders. Μέγεθος small medium large ..
Clavicular immobilization brace with self-grip foam-lined straps. Velcro closure for maximum comfort and easy application.One Size Indications: Conservative rehabilitation of clavicular fractures (central clavicle, interior-exterior peripheral portion of the clavicle..
Flexible double-elastic thumb splint. The detachable flexible 11cm spiral stay restricts movement of the first CMC and MCP joints. Ambidextrous. Size small medium large x-large Wrist circumference (cm) 14-15 ..
Cervical support of rigid plastic with lining (plastazote). Applied with adjustable and self-grip Velcro straps.Can be adjusted for use with codes (01-2-020) and (01-2-014), with front and rear connection. Radioluscent.One sizeIndications:Post-surgical rehabilitation of C-spine fractures ..
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