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Designed to support ergonomically the lumbar spine. It reduces stress and improves the position of the spine, thanks to the two adjustable side pillows.Made of "Memory Foam" material. Indications:Support of the lumbar spine Size:Dimensions: 44 cm (L) x 46 cm (W) x 7&nbs..
The wheelchair pillow "CONVOLUTED" consists of two layers of "foam" which enclose a "gel" sheet. The "foam" parts offer stability and comfort, while the "gel" part achieves defuse of the body weight and stable temperature. The cover is made of "PU" material,  waterproof and ventilated..
Made of molded "PU foam" material. It has a special anatomical design that adjusts to the shape of the body. Internal "Gel pack" for correct sharing of body weight and temperature control. It has a "Visco Elastic" covering for more comfort. Waterproof case, hypo-allergenic with zip closure. It f..
The "Visco Elastic" seat pillow reduces the pressure exerted on the hips and coccyx, the irritation due to hemorrhoids, while at the same time improving the posture of the spine.The ergonomic design and the central hole of the pillow offer comfort, thus facilitating staying in the seat for a long ti..
At the top surface there is a Gel part which minimizes the pressure applied to the area of the coccyx and the hips. It reduces the surface temperature by 1.5 C0 degree, while maintaining it cool. The bottom surface is made of "Memory Foam" material with ergonomic design. It absorbs vibrations a..
The coccyx cushion with hole is made of "Memory Foam", specially designed to reduce the pressure in the sensitive area of the coccyx. It achieves balance and sharing of the body weight. It has a cover made of "PU" material, with zip closure, that is removable and washable. Suitab..
It is a durable round pillow, with fabric lining and valve. It is suitable for use in the seat or bed.Indications:prevention of bedsorespain relief in the area of the coccyx.Size:Inner diameter: 13cm.Outer diameter: 39cm..
Brand: mobiak care
Indications:The Memory Foam is used to prevent and protect against sprains as well as to relieve pain in the coccyx area by relieving pressure points.Contains a velvet or fabric case with zipper.Dimensions: 38 cm (W) x 32 cm (W) x 8 cm (H)..
The ring pillow with a hole is recommended to prevent the formation of bedsores, as well as to relieve pain in the area of the coccyx.Made of natural rubber.It has holes inside for good air circulation and to avoid moisture retention.Protected with a towel cover - hypoallergenic, whic..
Stainless metal construction. It bears two hangers for serum bottles. The height of the stand is set in selected positions from 75cm to 135cm. It mounts on the rear part of the wheelchair...
The "PUMEL CUSHION" wheel cushion is made of "PU Foam" material and has a special anatomical design that adapts to the shape of the body. Inside it contains "Gel pack" for proper control of body weight and temperature control. It has a "Visco Elastic" coating, for more comfort.It has a waterproof, h..
Additional wheelchair device It enables the user to place items such as stationery, a tray of food and other small items for everyday use. The table is easily removed when not in use. It is mounted with two bilateral clamps on most wheelchairs with a seat diameter of up to 46cm...
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